Quality Policy & Food Safety

At EUROFLAX 97, we consider Quality Management and Food Safety as a fundamental part of business management, in an increasingly globalized and competitive environment. Customers continually raise their requirements on the products they demand, in a framework of sustainable development.


Within this environment, EUROFLAX97 aims to become a company identified with the terms QUALITY and FOOD SAFETY, committed to the environment and sustainable development, for which we have as a fundamental premise:


“Leading our processes to respond to expectations and needs of our customers, to achieve, maintain and improve their satisfaction levels, by placing on the market safer products of high quality at the lowest possible environmental cost”.


Specifically, in EUROFLAX 97 we define our POLICY as the compliance of the following premises:


– Commitment to comply with current legislation, regulations and other requirements that apply to the company activities and the internal requirements that EUROFLAX 97 subscribes, keeping these requirements updated.


– Always keep staff informed of their responsibilities and rights.


– Commitment to prevent pollution through the effective control of activities that generate environmental impacts and practical action in the event of possible environmental emergencies.


– Maintaining the best Professional Ethics when developing our products.


– Study and adaptation to market changes in terms of new and better products.


– Constant improvement of our production systems with investments on equipment and installations updated as necessary, as well as the continuous minimization of our environmental aspects.


– Adapt our management system and customer service, in order to prevent the occurrence of incidents.


– Establishing continuous improvement on the management system at EUROFLAX 97, reporting periodically on the progress made to the general public.


– Maximize the Quality and Safety of our products by:


  • Obtaining the best available raw material in terms of organoleptic qualities and meeting required hygiene and health standards.


  • Permanent training of our employees in order to keep a high standard of good manufacturing practices.


  •  Selection and continuing assessment of suppliers.


  • Continuous monitoring of all stages of our process, to be able to act immediately in case of detecting any deviation.


  • Provide all the means necessary to fight against food fraud.


EUROFLAX 97 Management is committed to Continuous Improvement of the company, through the implementation of a Total Quality and Improvement System.


Furthermore, we ensure that all the people who are related to Quality and Safety System know the policy and the agreed targets. This is achieved thanks to the diffusion and communication by the Director at the different levels of the organization, as well as the distribution of the documents that apply to every position.


This Food Quality and Safety Policy is suitable for all activities or processes carried out in the company, in order to achieve an improvement in preparation, packaging and marketing processes of liquid candy production.


The Management of Euroflax97